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Noven/Jaxton/Entesi | He/they | 23 | Panromantic grey-asexual | Autistic and disabled | Digital artist and character designer

Hi there! My name is Noven, but you can also call me Jaxton or Entesi. I'm a transmasculine nonbinary person from Australia who works primarily as a digital artist and character designer. My current passion is my webcomic (feel free to ask more about it!) and my characters in them. Most of my characters are also soulbonds; beings from other universes that connect to our world through mind connection, like tulpas.

Soulbonds can come from any universe, even ones deemed originally fictional, and are seen through the mind of a person in this universe. I have a lot of friends and family who are soulbonds, and all of my partners at the time I am writing this are soulbonds. (Other than my qpp)Feel free to check out my social medias linked below and ask more about me.


Do not interact if you fit the following:
- You are going to post or send me images/videos of dogs/canines without warning or tagging - Seriously, I will block you if you don't respect this
- You are -phobic towards gender identities or orientations, including but not limited to neopronouns and xenogenders
- You are ableist
- You make offensive jokes, especially at the expense of innocent people (I know I used to do this, but I have outgrown it and I apologise for these jokes)
- You harass people in any way or members of the fandom community for their views on purely fictional content, or believe that enjoying dark/negative content makes you a bad person that supports those dark subjects (I also admit I used to do this, but I apologise for this and have outgrown it)
- You don’t support self shipping or oc x canon
- You don’t believe in endogenic systems such as soulbond and tulpa systems
- You don’t believe in aliens or other creatures such as spirits from other planets, dimensions, universes, planes of existence etc or do not believe in reality shifting
- You do not support the use of marijuana whether it be medicinal or not
- You are under 13
- You do not support kinks or unusual tastes in adult content
- You ship real people who are not together in any way
- You are not comfortable with aging up characters in media or fandoms for various purposes (I get the discomfort, but I myself do this a lot, so please stay clear from me if this is the case)
- Don’t believe in people who are otherkin or variations of kin under the otherkin umbrella
Please don’t follow if you associate closely with or are:@/Pinipy (Tumblr/DeviantART)
@/BeefyBears/BulletBite (DeviantART)
@/renhanaofficial (DeviantART)
@/inuyaship (Tumblr)
Please be aware this list will be updated from time to time, so please keep an eye on my posts for changes
@/xxaeris (Tumblr)
@/thelegendoforan (Tumblr)


These are my current interests and fandoms! Please note this will update regularly as I am not always keeping track of the fandoms I'm in.Interests:
- Digital art and character design
- Dragons
- Cats
- Aliens
- Merfolk and faefolk
- Fantasy and mythical creatures
- Furry and anthro art
- Video games
- HTML coding
- Sculpting
- 3D modelling
- Steven Universe
- Spyro
- Free Realms
- Amazing World
- Miraculous Ladybug
- Pokemon
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
- Tales of Arcadia
- Ben 10
- Max Steel
- Stardew Valley
- Subnautica
- Slime Rancher
- Disney
- Dreamworks
- My Little Pony
- Descendants



Entesi is my main mascot and sona. They are a genderfluid nonbinary Gold Dragon that uses they/them pronouns. They have an anthro form and other forms, but the feral dragon form is their most common form they use.Entesi is a demigod that was first born billions of years ago but was reborn many years later, stuck at the age of 21 as their species stops aging at young adulthood. They have their own planet called Molendo which they created back billions of years ago. They rule over magical creatures of all kinds and has love based magic that allows them to heal and woo as they please.

Noven the Beagle

The name may be changed in the future, but this is a fairly old fursona that was redrawn recently. I used to have a document on him with all of his information, but it'd be outdated and I'm not sure where it'd be. He is a type of beagle unique to Molendo, and I may give him unique powers in the future.

More to be added in the future!

You can see the status of my art here, and sometimes on my Furaffinity @Entesi. I will try to update this page whenever I can.Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: CLOSED
Requests: CLOSED
Commission information can be found here!

Hi! Most of you know me as Noven, but I also go by Jaxton, (especially in the self ship community) Dragon, or Entesi!I am a 23-year-old genderfluid transmasc from Australia! I use he/him or they/them pronouns, and I am panromantic grey asexual. I am Aboriginal, though I don’t currently know which mob I belong to, but I plan on learning this so I can connect to my heritage.I am Autistic, have depression, chronic anxiety & agoraphobia, and I’m asking for a diagnosis on possible BPD and PTSD. This isn’t to deter anyone, but just so people know! I also may have ADHD.I am a digital artist, character designer and webcomic/story writer and I am in the process of developing a webcomic right now! I am also learning animation from my close friend Isaac to follow my dreams of animating my own series.I self ship both as a form of coping and as a way of spiritually/universally connecting to my f/os, of whom I do believe exist due to the Multiverse Theory! I interact with them every day.I am also otherkin, feel free to ask about my kins! Some kins I am fine with doubles, others not so much, so just prewarning that it’s best to be careful if we share a kin. (Nothing against you, just a comfort thing ;u;)Feel free to ask any questions about me you may have! ❤️This page is a WIP!